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E-learning Made Easy.

Velop™ is a powerful online learning platform designed to equip groups and teams in any organization to achieve their potential. Velop can be used with online training, classes, courses, and any group activity that promotes learning and development.

  • Why Velop?
    • Personalized
    • People connecting people. We work with you to help you train and connect with your organization on a personal level. Our technology will interact with your users, rather than stare back at them. Have members spread across a large geographical area? No worries. Our technology solutions will bring them together, all under the same structure. Individuals will feel engaged and successful.
    • Customized
    • Each client receives their own style and logo on their site. Even their own custom URL. We don’t want your users to be confused as to who is training them. YOU are training them, so your name is on it. With so much built in flexibility, we can help you create a home page to you preferences, and teach you all the client admin options before handing them over to you.
    • Total Solution
    • Lacking training strategy or content? Not sure if you can build an e-learning system on your own? We got you. Our method is not to hand you a platform and leave you to figure it out on your own. We’ll provide technology solutions AND teach you how to use it in Your company by helping with content creation, training and technology resources and training strategies. Our team is here to help yours reach your full potential.
  • What our clients like about Velop...
    • Customized Functionality
    • Solution minded collaboration
    • Problem solving with clients
    • Low Cost High Functionality
    • Responsive Customer Support

We would love to show you a demo and win you over. Please call us at 509-252-0852 and talk to a real person or you can email a message to support@velop.org